Thursday, June 19, 2014

Responsibilities of Privilege

Voice for the voiceless.  We are all put here for a different purpose.  It may not seem obvious at first but if we keep searching we will find it.  We can't all be the same.  It just isn't in the design.  Perhaps the differences are what challenge us and make us stronger.  Perhaps the disabled people are here to teach those who are abled to slow down and enjoy the gifts of each day.

When we take away all our identities and look deep within we find we are all similar.  We are searching to be loved and accepted.  While our identities define us they do not limit us.

 I learned many lessons inside the classroom with these students.  I learned to enjoy each bite, just eating was a major undertaking for many of these students.  I learned to accept each one as they are today and hope for a better tomorrow.  I learned that we do need to stop and smell the flowers or enjoy the bubbles.  I also learned that just because someone doesn't have an abled body doesn't mean they aren't striving the best way they can.  It was hard to witness them stuck inside a body that would not do what they wanted it to but they kept going.  They don't give up.

Each one of the children that I was able to see be picked up by their families lit up when they came into the room.  I saw the biggest smile on Amelia's face when her mom came one day.  She laughed too.  They cuddled and it was the sweetest interaction.  It was raw and real.

We must reach out and help and do our part.

I am fortunate to have the privilege identities that I do have.  I feel very blessed.  I also feel it is a great responsibility.

I also realize now how important it is that people with disabilities have the accommodations they need to succeed.  While it might seem excessive to an abled person it is not for someone who cannot do simple tasks simply because their body won't allow them to.

Everyone's story is different.  What will the next pages of your story be?

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